Production Facilities

Veritas Factory Production

The production begins with the arrival of raw materials in the quarantine area. A sample is then tested by the Quality Control department. A positive result allows the raw material to proceed to the dispensing booth. From there the raw materials are issued to operators in presence of QCs to ensure quality and compliance.

Tablet production starts with Rapid Mixing Granulator. This machine ensures homogeneity of mixer, uniformity of granules, saves time and is compliant with cGMP requirements. The granules are then placed in a fluid bed dryer. Our company has installed one of the finest pharmaceutical fluid bed dryer unit to ensure compactness and air fluidization.

The tablet compression machine is a double tray tablet press. It is a fully automatic machine with stainless steel turret die with a middle plate suitable designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

The coating pan uses a modern system for film and sugar coating of tablets. Our drum coating uses a unique Blow Master spraying system capable of delivering high quality coating.

Each tablet is hermetically sealed in aluminium blisters. We use state of the art Aluminium-Aluminium and Aluminium-PVC blisters machine. This has fully automatic tablet feeding with photo level control and is used both for tablets and capsules.

Some tablets like Veri Gold, Nutribon are not packaged in blisters. These are sold in food graded HDPE containers. The tablets are counted and filled in containers by an automatic machine.

The capsule production starts by blending the raw materials in a cone blender. Encapsulation is done by automatic encapsulation machine. Capsules are then inserted into blister package by the blister machine.

The suspension production starts with automatic bottle washing and sterilization machine. The ingredients are mixed in a cone blender. The suspension bottles are filled by accurately measured automatic machine and the cap sealing is done by skilled operators using a semi-automatic machine.